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Media Services

Online or In-Print Media

Fees are quoted per project or ongoing at $25/hr.

WEBSITE MAINTENANCE - Updates to your Website anytime you need them.
• Option 1 YMA Standby - $50 mo. for those with updates & calendars 
• Option 2 Website Overhaul.  Quoted by the job. $600--$1600


Media Plan 1: THE BEGINNING  - Online Registrations. Register with the big guys Google & Affiliates. We will put you on "the Map" by establishing a gmail account and verifying your business. While waiting for the "bots" to notice you, we will begin local registrations, online phone books, & establish your local target audience. (one time fee $600)

Media Plan 2: TIE IT ALL TOGETHER  - Marketing Link together your print media and social media. Set all to match your current business cards & marketing materials. Familiar descriptions and theme throughout website. Connect your website with LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest/Blogs, etc. Add logos/photos to social media for all encompassing company recognition. (customized to your target market, billed hourly)

Media Plan 3: KEEP MY BUSINESS ACTIVE ONLINE  - Social Media Public Relations. Like! Share! Participate! Join online discussions. Keep your company name out there. Weekly posts to Facebook & LinkedIn as well as specific activity within your field and targeted to your audience. ($65/month - auto pay with credit card or Pay Pal/Square/Venmo)

Media Plan 4:  ANALYZE, INCREASE, & TRY SOMETHING NEW How are customers finding you? See what's working and expand in that direction with more activity. Eliminate lame audiences. Explore a new market. (call for appt)

Don't want a Media Plan Right Now?  Choose from our menu of single services:
• Launch a New Website

• Update Current Website
• Create an ad for local print publication
• Set me up and get me out there online.
• Post company involvement on calendars, inform of activities
• Send a email blasts or direct mail promo
• Update mailing list
• Complete that project that has been sitting on the corner of your desk!

Cell/Text (508) 567-8299

Office (508) 678-8901

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