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It's Always Nice to Have a Few Testimonials

Hi Lisa, Just wanted to say the ad looks just terrific!!  And thank you. Love having you on my team!
Valerie Achorn,

Simplified Lives

Lisa has great design capabilities and is a joy to work with.  Lisa created my business card design and did multiple proofs for me.  Her enthusiasm and personality are all part of the package.  She is a consummate professional and a go-to graphics girl! 
- Daryl Keyes, Marketing Mgr,South Coast Insider/


I wholeheartedly echo Daryl’s comments.  Lisa updated my office brochure, as well as that of an organization near and dear to my heart, the Alzheimer’s Partnership of Southeastern Massachusetts.  We are all thrilled with the finished product and highly recommend Lisa. Currently she maintains our website and updates our marketing materials..
- Jane E. Sullivan, Esq.

Had Lisa as my Go-To for marketing projects.  She also kept my online media going for Facebook, LinkedIn and promoted for me.  She kept my calendar of networking events full, my brochures, business cards, postcards, and correspondence updated -- the list is endless. For those without a storefront.  
- Ray Melanson, Master Electrician, Swansea

Hey Lisa, Really nice job on these concepts. I’ll call you tomorrow to set up a time to discuss more in detail. I’m very impressed.
- Sean P. Downes, Marketing Director Landmark

at Fall River

Lisa was my "graphic girl" for over 25 years.  I sell ads, she gets all the ideas on paper and handles communication with the printers.
-  Jackie Santos,

Save Sum Direct Mail

We started working with Lisa a few years back with just a vision of our Classified Publication.  We worked through every detail - from the concept itself, to the marketing, through to distribution methods. After a while, we swear, she could read our minds.  Once we went into production, Lisa handled the ads coming in, coordinated the sales staff,  distribution, as well as our social media. She even updated our Facebook page for us!  This is all done at "Our" Media Assistant's office.  We just sit back and look pretty!  Thank You.
- Michelle, Sarah, Evan, Rich

of the Coffee House Classifieds

Thanks! Message sent.

Your Media Assistant

Somerset, MA

Office (508) 678-8901

Cell/Text (508) 567-8299

Thanks for all you do

"behind the scenes" to help

me be most productive

out in the field. You're a tremendous team player.
- Beth Hoff 

Field Merchandiser 

Main Street

Lisa is amazing!!

She completely understand me and my business and incorporates it into my website. THANK YOU Lisa!

I had owned for years but didn't know where to go from there. After talking for a bit, she promptly got the page up and running with a complete understand of our flair!! I message her with the craziest ideas and she is right on it!! So happy we met by circumstance!!!
Averyl Amaral Andrade,

Healthy Futures Farm

We've had a lot of positive feedback on the new website.  Great job.


Annie's Unique Boutique

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